Задание: Talk about your flat/house using the following prompts. (Моя комната маленькая, но уютная,цвет обоев фиолетовый,перестановку не люблю,комната в современном стиле.

1)I live…(in centre of Moscow)
2)My flat is on the…floor of a…-storey block on flats
3)It has (all) modern conveniences:…
4)It is a…-roomed flat with a…(living room etc).
5)My favorite room is a…
6)It is…(large,cosy etc).
7)The wall/wallpaper colour is…
8)The furniture there is…(modern,stylish,etc)
9)It includes…(a round table, etc)
10)I like/dislike rearranging the furniture.

1 ответ

  1. I live in the centre of Moscow. My flat is on the seventh floor of a ten-storey block of flats. It has all modern conveniences, including central heating and high-speed internet. It is a three-roomed flat with a spacious living room. My favourite room is the study, which is cozy and well-lit. The wall colour is a soothing shade of light blue, and the wallpaper has a subtle floral pattern. The furniture there is a mix of modern and vintage pieces, giving it a unique and stylish look. It includes a sleek wooden desk and a comfortable armchair for reading. I particularly enjoy rearranging the furniture to create a fresh and inspiring atmosphere.



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