Нужно ответить на вопросы по тексту Текст: My name is Alexander Alex or short. I'am a college student. I'am sixteen. I'm a sociable person. Have three foreign friends Nora, Fever and lane. We are of the same age. We are fond otmodem music books, sports and traveling. Nora is Swedish. She is a college is student too. She is tall blonde. She is very beautiful-Peter is from Warsaw. He a aware designer lane is from Great Britain. She is a sociology student from London. None of us is married. We are too young for that! We are really good friends, not just acquaintances. We exchange emails, speak very often on the phone and Skype and even visit each other

1. Alexander a university student?
2. Where are his foreign friends from?
3. How old are they?
4. What are they fond of?
5. Are they married?
6. Are they good acquaintances?
7. Does Alexander live in Tver?
8. Do his parents work at the hospital?
9. What do his grandparents do for a living?
10. Who arranges the boys free time?
11. What duties does Alexander have about the house?
12. What does Alexander think about the family?

1 ответ

  1. 1. No, he isn’t. He is a college student.
    2. His foreign friends are from Sweden, Poland and Great Britain.
    3. They are sixteen.
    4.They are fond of modern music, books, sports and travelling.
    5. No, none of them is married.
    6. No, they are really good friends, not just



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