Complete the conversation . Use the Present Continuous or going to and the verbs in brackets. Then listen and check .

Tom : Hi Louise !
Louise : Oh, hi Tom ! How are things ?
Tom : We’re just packing our suitcases. We _______ (leave) for the airport in a few minutes.
Louise : Where ________ (you/go) ?
Tom : We ______ (go) to Poland for a week .We _______ (fly) to Cracow at midday .
Louise : So are you staying in Cracow all week ?
Tom : No , we ______ (stay) in Cracow for three nights. We’ve got a reservation in a really nice guest house in the city centre — very good for sightseeing. Then we ______ (hike) in the Tatra mountains for a few days. Well, we’re not sure yet — it depends on the weather !
Louise : Lucky you! Adam and I are still deciding where we want to go on holiday this year but I think we _______ (spend) a week or two in Turkey, maybe in August .

1 ответ

  1. 1. We are leaving
    2. Where are you going
    3. We are going
    4. We are going to fly
    5. No, we are going to stay
    6. We are going to hike
    7. We are going to spend



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